Last revised at 1800 hours EDT on 12 August 2001.

Mark Gaines MS BSN RN RRT


I used to believe that most of the police I meet are just like the rest of us. A growing number are not! But many still are. They want to get home in one piece and not deal with trouble. They are decent human beings who will try hard to do an honest job for everyone they deal with. They are the front line soldiers in the war against crime. They are there to protect the honest guy. They are honest, educated and out numbered, needing the support of the honest citizen. Their thankless job is to protect us against those who do evil. They have likewise been hampered by the actions of corrupt police.


The best first line of defense is to be honest yourself. If someone is out there driving while under the influence of drugs, having illegal drugs in their possession or are stealing, they are assaulting the rights of their fellow citizen. They deserve to get caught and punished. This kind of person is wrecking society for everyone.


Like any occupation there are a certain number of individuals who are misfits, and do irreparable harm to any profession they enter. They are the bottom 5% of the work force. I well remember from my own early days when I started as a reserve police officer, being told that anyone in law enforcement must have absolute integrity as a pre-requisite. I observed first hand how a few cops start out bad, while some unfortunately turn bad. The level of violence, social isolation, temptations from exposure to large amounts of cash and drugs, and other factors can all serve to ruin a good cop. The end result is the same; the individual becomes a greater danger to society than most criminals; a predator.


The difference being one gets a uniform, complete with a gun and tax payer supported license to kill. The bad cop becomes a dangerous predator. Recent cases of Chicago police officers is a sad reminder. The disease has spread to the federal level as witnessed by the recent FBI cases in Ruby Ridge, not to mention the destruction of the reputation of Mr. Richard Jewel in Atlanta. We also had the BATF raid in Waco. I learned a lot of what I am sharing from having worked on the inside, and having experienced two false arrest attempts and police harassment as a victim.

My experience as a victim of police abuse indicates it has become necessary to pass along some survival tips to deal with the bad cops as you really don't know what you are dealing with most of the time. The bad cops have cast warranted suspicion on all cops. This means federal, state and local law enforcement. Citizen rights come first. The government is not meant to be a terror to the innocent, only the guilty. That is the U.S. Constitution in action. Bad cops overstep the bounds of legitimate authority, and are criminals.


I have received a lot of messages requesting personal advice for individual situations. Since my resources do not allow me to operate a legal clinic, I included a link to The National Complaint Center at the bottom of this site. I  am heavy involved in health care reform , taking an intense amount of time and effort on my part. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


When stopped or you encounter a police officer, be polite and civil. Ask what the problem is. You don't want to batter a good cop! By avoiding adversarial relationships further problems are avoided before needless issues are raised. If you are adversarial with a bad cop you might end up in the hospital, charged with resisting arrest, if you live! Be careful


 As bad cops are control freaks and will use even an accidental “bumping up against” you as an excuse to charge you with assault on a police officer and resisting arrest, as well as justification for the use of force. Be careful and keep your hands in view at all times, telling the cop you are going to reach into your pockets for your license, as you might risk getting shot. Avoid any sudden moves  with your hands for the same reason and remain calm as being agitated will cause some cops to arrest you for interfering or worse. Be cool and careful!



If driving, provide your drivers license, registration and insurance card in a motor vehicle stop. Your ID is no longer your private right under some conditions, as cops have gotten laws passed in some states that allow them to check the ID's of innocent passengers, often used abusively by some departments. Openly state several; times “I don’t consent to any search of this vehicle or myself,” if they attempt to search.  State you are being detained against your will as well. Make sure witnesses hear you say these things. The officer must have your permission to check your ID in many cases unless you are being arrested or ticketed. Once the police get your ID they can and will run a warrant check. If an error in the computer system brings up a warrant or ticket expect to be arrested. If you are walking down the street you might decide to give your name to the officer, but don’t volunteer anything else.


Ask what the problem is. The officer must truthfully state the reason for the stop. A failure to do so is a violation of the rights of everyone in the involved, and can constitute possible grounds for a claim of false arrest. You may be asked to step out of the vehicle, searched and cuffed only if the officer has legitimate grounds, not because of some fabrication. Some corrupt officers plant drugs and other "evidence" during this time, steal your valuables and destroy your drivers license, so be aware of these possibilities.


If the cop insists on a search hand him the keys and repeat that the detention and search are without your consent. This will cause much evidence to be thrown out in court in many cases. The cop can’t search your pockets unless they have truthful cause to suspect a weapon. Even a pat down search can open a cop up to charges. Never consent to a search but state openly “This search is without my consent.”


Abuse of minorities remains common with corrupt officers, although much improved compared to just a decade ago . Your vehicle can only be searched with your permission unless a legitimate arrest is being made, actual probable cause exists, or legitimate evidence of illegal activity is in plain sight. Any illegal search can make the officer liable under state and federal laws for serious legal action. Any evidence is most likely inadmissible in court as well. Consult an attorney right away if you, or your vehicle searched, or your ID checked under any unusual circumstances.


As of 1 October 1999, racial profile stops are illegal in Connecticut. North Carolina has a similar law on the books. If you are stopped, and this law was violated, the officer can be arrested.


Your best defense is to have witnesses with you in case a "plant" is attempted. You do not have to tell the officer your private business for being out in any public area. That is your legal right. The most you should tell any officer is the fact you were on your way to the pharmacy or the like, if you choose. Beyond that silence is golden. The officers might attempt to separate your party to get someone to talk. Again silence is golden. Don't give a crooked cop an break. The cop must prove himself to you to gain your cooperation. In this regard you are in command, not the cop. The cop is under limits of authority; compel the officer to earn your trust and obey the law.


Be advised that many officers now have cameras installed in their cars which record on video tape, complete with sound. Don't try to get cute! If you play your cards right, the tape can serve as your evidence against a crooked cop.

Since the motor vehicle stop is full of high risk for injury to the officer, never use force or threats, even if you are right and the cop is clearly abusive! This will most likely place you at high risk to be shot or serious injured, or falsely arrested! The use of fatal force against a police officer is legal for excessive force or false arrest, but you must be able to prove it. It is generally ill advised, unless the cop is intent on killing you at which point you have nothing left to loose. There has been an increase of police use of unwarranted fatal force with obvious lack of action against bad cops, in recent years here in the USA. Bad cops cover for each other, so stay alive to testify. The wrongful touching or misuse of force is a crime for which you can later prosecute. There is nothing a cop fears more than criminal or civil litigation. In the long run it is your best defense, although slow. If filed correctly, the career of the bad cop is in extreme jeopardy!




Your property is your castle. The police can only enter without your permission with a valid arrest warrant, valid search warrant, or in certain emergencies such as hot pursuit with legitimate probable cause. Otherwise the police are trespassers. If the cops enter your property for any reason, call your lawyer. File for the arrest of the violators. Don't give permission for anything. Some cops will try to pressure you telling you subtle things that make you think you are a "prime suspect," and ask you to sign a "waiver" for permission to search. Once you have signed they will then tell you the technical warning you have the right to "refuse." Just don't sign anything without a lawyer present.


If a cop comes to your door step outside and lock the door behind you. Don’t let a cop in as this can leave you open to having your house searched without your consent. Openly state “I do not consent to you entering or searching my house,” with witnesses present. If they are going to arrest you step outside as the police generally can’t search any area you have not been in.  If the cops order you to open the door comply while stating the entry and search is without your consent.


If they claim to have a search warrant demand to see it. Make sure they they have the correct address, apartment number and name. Check the date of the warrant as most states only allow the warrant to be served within a few weeks,


An increasing number of abusive police criminals are entering private property without consent by falsifying "probable cause." For example there have been telephone switch errors in the High Point and Greensboro North Carolina area, resulting in spurious 911 calls. The Guilford County Sheriff and other police agencies have made it policy to require the house be searched, even if the owner or occupants object. Legal action can and should be taken including the arrest of the police involved.


In spite of court rulings the drawing of any deadly weapon is prohibited in all but legitimate emergencies. If you have a weapon pulled on you consult an attorney to file assault with deadly weapons charges. Don't invite disaster as any cop is under tremendous stress and might use the weapon in error. You might be right, but dead. A bad cop will have others "cover up" as well Be very careful as there is an alarming number of fatal shootings by rogue officers in places including our nations capitol. Many are unarmed, innocent citizens, and the damage lawsuits are growing, along with the awards and settlements.


Even if you do everything legally, you might still be murdered by police, such as recently happened in Hartford and New Milford CT, or New York City. Some cops are out of control or psychologically unstable so be careful.



It is always your right to demand the identification of any officer. There has been a real problem with police impersonators such as blue light rapists! You should only stop for a marked unit and uniformed officer. If any doubt exists, especially for women at night use your cellular phone to call the real police and call for help. Go to a known police station, even if in another town. A honest cop will understand. No charges may legally filed if you exercise this right. Take note of the driving habits the cop practices to press charges against the cops for any reckless driving while going to a police station. Consult an attorney. Call someone on the cellular phone before opening up for police as well.


Because of the increasing incidents of police abuse you are well advised to avoid casual conversation with any law enforcement officer in many areas. Ask the cop if you are free to leave, and walk away. If the cop says no, tell the cop you wish to have a lawyer present and any search or detention is without your consent. Say this several times so witnesses can hear you. Walk away if you are not being detained and keep going. Teach your children that the cops are not always their friends, and the cop must contact the parent for permission to ask questions.


In the case of plain clothes officers demand their identification. Wait until uniformed police arrive if you can. Never open up your car to anyone unless you are sure they are real cops. Copy down the name and badge number of any cop you encounter. If in doubt, call the agency or state police to verify their status. Again an honest cop will understand and comply. They are just as concerned with police impersonators as you are, if not more so.


Talking to the police is your decision, not their right. The police must respect your decision on this matter and are forbidden by law to coerce you. Again silence is golden if you even suspect there is the possibility you are a suspect. Get a lawyer and keep quiet. Again, an honest cop will understand and respect your rights. Be polite, civil, and silent! Bad cops will use all sorts of tricks so it is best to have a lawyer if you can get one! Remember, it is now LEGAL for cops to lie and use deceit, which is a moral fashion statement on the sad state of police ethics, too often an oxymoron. Too many cops will lie and try to put people into a panic, just get people to talk. Silence is golden. Above all never lie to a cop as they will use even an innocent lie to set up up as “guilty.” Holyoke Police in Massachusetts did this to Wayne Healy years ago, and he is still serving time as an innocent man.


If you are calling for service as a crime victim exercise some caution as well. Some cops treat everyone including obvious innocent victims as suspects, attempting to force the innocent suspect to "prove themselves" to their satisfaction. You might find yourself falsely arrested and victimized twice. Witness the Bostik case in Philadelphia. Some criminals attempt to pass themselves off as "victims," lying to evade lawful arrest, hurting the honest citizen. Try to understand the position the good cop is in. At the same time you don't have to tolerate any police abuse, in which case you should file a complaint and get legal counsel. The cops are there to serve you so demand you be served and not harassed. Witnesses again are a big defense.

A case in Torrington, Connecticut resulted in a couple being wrongfully arrested on the basis of perjured testimony. As a result the couple was wrongly charged of attempting to sell their baby. The Connecticut State Department Of Child and Youth Services took their baby away, and was able to persuade a court to permanently take away their parental rights. Even after the court found both parents not guilty, the state refuses to return the child, fighting hearings lead by Chief State's Attorney Bailey. Had the Torrington Police Department done their job right the first time, a family tragedy could have been avoided. If you check the record, this department was under federal investigation some years ago long with Waterbury and New Britain Police Departments. This is not a new problem in Torrington.


If a detective approaches you be aware they "fish" to try to shake out who they think is guilty. A common approach is to tell you "We know that....." to try to make you talk, when they really don't know anything. Some will try to move in on your physical space to make you uncomfortable. Order the offender to move away as this is a criminal offense known as assault. Unfortunately some detectives treat everyone like a suspect. They will move in on personal space and sometimes even touch your body to display power. Since it is illegal for anyone to touch you like this, politely direct the offender to cease, as this is criminal assault by a police officer. Advise the officer/offender that you are filing charges of assault and battery. Be cool and calm, while considering if you wish to place the police violator under citizens arrest, your words to this effect require the criminal cop be cuffed, fingerprinted and more. Accept nothing less.


Have witnesses around. It is always essential to get an attorney involved. You might innocently say something that is misused by overzealous police and gets you in trouble. Politely and civilly explain you don't want to talk without consulting your attorney. A good cop will understand and comply as required by law. You don't have to explain why, or say any more.


It's not fun, and too often innocent persons are detained without being arrested. A recent court ruling allows police to do this `for investigative purposes. It must only be done for legitimate purposes however. Any abuse leaves the bad cop open for false arrest and assault charges. Get a lawyer to handle any case of being hand cuffed or detained as handling it yourself is too risky.

If you are arrested, remain silent! Don't give any cheap ammunition to anyone. Make your phone call, get a lawyer, and get bail. If you can't get bail, keep quiet in jail as "jail house snitches" might set you up! Plead not guilty. If you do this the entire burden of proof is on the police. Hope you have an honest cop. You can`t always count on it.

You have the right to demand your fingerprints and mug shots be returned to you and your computer arrest records cleared if you are not convicted in finality. Do this as these records can be abused by overzealous cops looking for "suspects." False arrests have resulted from bad cops looking at baseless records. One man spent over two years in a New Jersey state prison framed by a cop falsifying fingerprint records. The mentality of bad cops equates an arrest with "guilt", even though the law says otherwise.


The cops may not use force if you are acting reasonably. Make notes of names, places and what happens in case you are abused. Write this information down as soon as possible. If you have bruises demand hospital care so the bruises can be identified and photographed. If the cop refuses claim crushing chest pain which should get you right into a hospital where doctors and nurses will document your injuries as evidence in your defense. No one wants a heart attack death in their jail or police station. The investigation is most painful. Use this only as a last resort.

Even this might not protect you as witnessed by the recent wrongful arrest by Longmeadow Police in Massachusetts. Due to a "clerical error" a woman was arrested for not having a valid drivers license. While being held in leg irons and handcuffs in the Hampden County Jail, in Springfield, she charged being beaten by a sheriff's deputy security guard, suffering bruises and internal bleeding. She required hospital care while under false arrest. The court security guard was charge with slamming her up against a wall. The charges were quickly dismissed, and the jail security guard was indicted. The jail security guard had the charges dismissed against him, but the allegations in the case linger on leaving doubts.


If you should find your self in a hostage situation be prepared for the increased possibility of being arrested and jailed. Recent court rulings allow this as well in a broad number of situations including airline incidents. You should again get an attorney, while telling the police that you are an innocent hostage and victim. Say nothing more and call your lawyer. A good cop won't hold a hostage, but witness what happened to a women hostage arrested by the Detroit Police and jailed for two days. Her children were taken by DCYS, and she reported being treated worse by the cops than the escaped convicts who had kidnapped her. Silence might well be golden.


Don't intervene directly but note the names and badge numbers of the officers as well as police car numbers. A cad-cam is an obvious asset, with a distant lens if available. Have witnesses there to back you up. Dial 911 and log the information onto the voice tape for use as evidence against police. Then call the FBI. Never call the local police Internal Affairs as there is a high risk of a cover up, when any bad cops are involved. When the local police get the word, they will often release their victim without any charges, often lying to cover their liability. You might be approached by Internal Affairs or other local police to investigate this incident. Again, talk only to the FBI. If you don't want them on your property, they are criminal trespassers. The police can not harass you or talk to you without your permission. That includes phone calls, mail, being approached in public, etc.


Friendly news or TV reporters can help as well. By bringing it out in the open, and taking the control from the bad cops, justice will be served up, on a silver platter. Don't worry about stepping on the toes of high ranking police officials as they failed their responsibility to provide supervision and oversight to prevent this kind of misconduct. They have given up their rights and authority. Treat them as bad cops. They are part of the problem, instead of being part of the solution.

It is your duty as a citizen to report bad cops. The good cops suffer for the bad, who have too often risen in the ranks. There are now reports of death threats against honest cops for speaking up against corruption. Too many good cops quit after two or three years on the job for this reason. By reporting bad cops, you send a powerful message to all cops to stay within the limits. While many cops still hold to the code of silence and protect that bad apples out of fear, there are some good cops coming forward and breaking ranks to clean up corruption.


In my view failing to report a bad cop is as bad as being corrupt, as this signals the setting of a standard of acceptance. I know of one very bad cop back east who was forced to dump his jet engines because of being reported. There were shock waves felt in the entire state. Even if you don't have enough to arrest the bad cop, a report goes in the officer's file and other places. Another report for that same individual or department will pull the past incidents as well. The second report might well get the offender fired or prosecuted if the first didn't. This adversely affects promotions too.

Be aware that certain federal agents such as The Border Patrol DEA, BATF, and others engage in warrantless searches and coercion. You have the same rights no matter who you deal with. It's entirely unfortunate that some federal officers demand a standard of state and local police they refuse to uphold. Perhaps after the Atlanta Olympic bombing incident that will change some of the attitudes in the FBI.

Remember the police work for you, the citizen! No cop has the right to be your master. Make the job of the good cop easier by helping them put the bad ones in prison, with the rest of the criminals.



If you want to make any cop really nervous fast, just let a remark "slip" about some guy you just saw with a camcorder. Watch them clean up their act really fast! Of course they might even go looking for the camera operator, further impeding their efficiency. At the very least you will appeal to the widespread paranoid feelings of cops who fear getting caught on tape. This is why the bad cops are even having to be careful these days. If you really are filming, don’t let the cops find out about the existence of the tape, until they see it for themselves on the six o’clock news as many cops will seize and destroy any evidence of this nature! You are allowed to watch police activity at a reasonable distance so don’t let the cops push you out.


This was written both out of need, and from my experiences both inside law enforcement and as a victim of bad cops myself. The experiences of others were included as well. I would love to be able to name the good cops who helped me prepare this; I must protect their careers. I would like to thank a certain officers of the departments who inspired many of the tips.


Fight for social, economic and political justice. It is our only hope for world peace and a stable society. A intact and well functioning police mechanism is essential in this task. This is as much a part if one's spiritual responsibilities as supporting your local church. Our Lord attacked the money changers in the temple; we should do no less.

Get involved by bringing pressure on the municipal, county and state officials to deal with police corruption! Help elect a new Sheriff, like I did in North Carolina. File charges where warranted It really does make a difference as the effects are widespread. The honest cops will appreciate it as you are clearing the air. The bad cops greatly fear the light of an honest citizen. Enlist the help of your local television station or newspaper as well. Publicity is the death blow to any corrupt public official.


Recent police scandals in Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford and Atlanta underscore the need to rid our police departments of the bottom 5% of the work force. Help the good guy out.


There are a couple of newsgroups out there that seem to attract a large number of cop haters, and even a couple of cop "wannebes." If you sign on to one of these forums, be prepared to selectively filter out the name calling and other trash from the real stuff. Calls to clean up two newsgroups have gone unanswered.


A large number of local, state and federal officers have privately encouraged me as they too are fed up with corruption they are almost powerless to stop. They remind me how much the abuse causes well deserved attitudes citizens take out on the next cop they meet.


Several  officers have asked me for help to fight vicious attacks and false accusations, often politically motivated. Some were facing being framed or fired themselves. This site is my way of giving back to innocent citizens who have no where to turn for help. Good cops under attack are as much victims as anyone else! While I don't operate a formal program or legal clinic, my ministry is intended to speak up and encourage victims of police crime to seek justice.


A few cops have criticized me for giving away information "that will help criminals!" Any well informed person knows that a real criminal knows his rights, makes bail, and goes on to commit more crimes. Any criminal that has served time in prison just comes out better educated at his or her chosen vocation; prisons breed more ruthless predators. Any real criminal could recite what I am telling you with needing this site!


The innocent citizen is the person who is devastated by false arrest and false imprisonment. The innocent citizen who is victimized by bad police will often not cooperate in the future with any police officers as a result. I have been told by some that they will not call the police for help, but fend for themselves instead. I know of several that will report a cop, any cop, for a simple traffic violation, just to make the life of any cop miserable. To the bad cops I ask you to think about this; what goes around, comes back around! How would you like to be lying on the street wounded, with no one to help you? I know of cops who were in serious personal danger who got no help from bystanders and were alone in a fight with real criminals. I know of cops who received no medical aid after being wounded, while bystanders aided others at the scene; this was citizens payback for police abuse.


Click your mouse here to send EMAIL to the author at DANSEGYPSY@EARTHLINK.NET.   Police Misconduct Site, a good resource


Connecticut Police Abuse Site


Web Site about police abuse on Long Island, New York


A California project against racial profile practices of police agencies


Read here about an Austin, Texas cop reinstated after being charged with rape.


Click here to connect with The Police Complaint Center, an excellent and responsible source for help


Click here for the Amnesty International Campaign on human rights abuses by law enforcement agencies in The United States.


Click here for tales of absolute horror in North Jersey!


Click here for Get In Touch organization and Stolen Lives project protesting police murders


A Site for those who need to heal after police abuse at


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A scandal from the days of J Edgar Hoover hit the front pages of The Boston Globe with the release of Mr. Joseph Salvati from Massachusetts State Prison, after serving thirty years for a murder committed by an FBI informant. It turns out Special Agents of Boston’s FBI Organized Crime Unit allowed this man to sit in prison while protecting the real killer. It is reported even J Edgar Hoover knew of this man’s innocence. The testimony by retired Special FBI Agent H Paul Rico was such that the Congressional Committee holding hearings had to recess to regain their composure due to the callus disregard by Mr. Rico for the actions of the FBI. Connecticut Representative Christopher Dodd lead three hours of hostile questioning during which Mr. Rico was berated and shamed. There are other allegations coming to light that raise many serious questions about FBI conduct, to say the least. There are growing citizen concerns about federal agents who refuse to uphold a standard they demand of local and state police. If you have ever dealt with the Border Patrol you will know what I am saying.


We have all heard about the murders by federal agents at Waco and Ruby Ridge, as well as the false accusations against Richard Jewel by the FBI in the Atlanta bombing case. Then there was the FBI Crime Lab scandals. We need a reputable national law enforcement agency that can be trusted. Let us hope a good replacement is selected for the current FBI Director who has announced his retirement. Now several hundred guns and laptop computers have turned up missing as well as a lead FBI agent pleading guilty to spying for the USSR over 15 years! What next? Who else will keep watch on a large enough number of corrupt local police?


That question should haunt us in the wake of the recent scandal involving the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing Case, where the FBI did not provide files and evidence as required by law. Now the most important case ever handled by the FBI has been mishandled so badly as to raise the question of a new trial for Terry Nichols, now serving a life term for his part in the bombing.  The ghost of J Edgar Hoover still haunts the FBI, and needs to be exorcized.


Schenectady Police & Sheriff, New York


Now the subject of massive hearings, lawsuits and federal investigations for false arrest, beatings,  ineptness and a failed internal affairs bureau, even overhaul mechanisms seemed to have failed as the politicians appoint more of their friends to key positions. The mess is much like the fox guarding the chicken coop. Read the archives of The Albany Times Union for a wealth of material on this goon squad.


Edison Township, New Jersey


As recently featured on Sixty Minutes, officers of this department were identified with being involved in the unjustified beating of a young teen age female at a bar, with off duty officers joining in. One of the officers involved in this incident was investigated for the theft of money from a local church. The investigator, assigned by the District Attorney, called this police department “The Cesspool of Police Departments.” One of the officers involved has been appointed Training Officer after the incident. One of the officers involved in this incident was previously suspended twice while employed at another law enforcement agency. The facts speak for themselves.


New York City Police Department

The recent murder by four "elite" NYC officers of an innocent, unarmed, citizen is just the tip of the iceberg. These cops cut the man down like a dog, firing 41 shots, hitting the man 19 times. This has caused a real political mess for Mayor Guilliani as his aspirations to federal office are in danger. As I write a grand jury is still deciding the issue of indictment. The FBI is investigating as the murder victim was a citizen of Guinea. This has caused an international diplomatic faux pas, exposing the NYC Police for what they are; out of control. The officers were still armed and on administrative duty as this goes to press. Then there was the infamous toilet plunger sexual assault by one of New York's best.


New Milford Police Department, Connecticut

In the news recently. Patrolman Smith has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter, in the shooting death of an unarmed suspect. The medical examiner determined the suspect’s hands were behind his neck when  he was shot, The ex-cop/convict was out on $250,000 bond awaiting appeal, convict Smith has reported to prison for five years Yet the police chief and his coworkers have vowed to defend Smith. The State's Attorney stated that this is a case of deliberate shooting. If a civilian did the same thing, you can bet they would be in jail on the spot. Another member of this same department was convicted of motor vehicle manslaughter in the death of a young woman while driving his cruiser. He will see no jail time! There is a double standard here folks! If the blue wall of silence is not broken, even more trust with the public will be lost.


Riverside Police Department, California

The holiday shooting last year of a 19 year old minority woman by Riverside Police has shocked and outraged the local community. The woman had a flat tire, and had called the police and family for help. After locking herself in the car for safety, she was shot by police officers with at least 27 shots fired. The woman was unconscious, possibly having a gun in her lap for self protection in a bad area. As far as is known, the gun was licensed. Beyond this, the police are unable to explain who shot first, etc. More than likely, this was a case of unjustified police violence, as best I can determine by the current facts. But the officers in question were cleared! Double standards clearly favor cops, again.


Los Angeles County Sheriff, California

Recently it was discovered the Sheriff held a man for 300 days in violation of a judges order, under false imprisonment. They claim it was fouled up paperwork that caused the problem. Perhaps they might do well to hire literate deputies. Now I realize the qualifications to be a deputy sheriff aren't challenging, but the safety of the public is now at stake. The man protested many times, being ignored by deputies until day 300 when they offered him $9000 to settle. He didn't, and the Sheriff is now a defendant in federal court. But at least he lived to get out.

A woman was falsely arrested on a warrant for another person and held ten days. She protested her innocence. The lawyer for the real subject of the warrant even told the Sheriff and court three times there was a mistake. The woman was told at least twice she would be released, only to continue to be held. She hung herself on day ten, and died in the hospital. The Sheriff claims immunity as an officer of the state.


Houston Police Department, Texas

The recent murder by six officers of an innocent citizen, while conducting an illegal raid, trespassing, without a warrant, underscores the need for judicial reform in Texas. One cop fired his weapon by accident. The other officers thought the innocent suspect had shot at police. The man died with 33 bullet wounds. While the six cops were fired, at this time, the State Of Texas has refused to file any charges against these police criminals. In another case an innocent man was falsely arrested, put in chains and hauled several hundred miles to Austin, when the mistake was realized and armed robbery charges were dismissed. Upon release in Austin, the man’s money and debit card were “missing.” No one offered him any help to get home to Houston, and he ended up ill in a San Antonio hospital. We hear other complaints about false arrests, beatings,  illegal search and seizure as well as browbeating cops demanding/ordering people to give statements. This is another one of Texas’s Goon Squads..


San Antonio Police, Texas


Recently seven of it’s officers were busted on federal drug charges. This department has a long history of false arrests, beatings, illegal search and seizure of property and harassment. One man spent one month in the Beaxr County Jail because overzealous cops mistook the ashen remains of the man’s cremated mother for drugs. I have seen first hand the overuse of authority by San Antonio cops who legislate their own law, doing what they please. Sometime ago a member of the department used a choke hold on a Mexican tourist, killing an unarmed person. This is a goon squad out of control.


Metropolitan Police Department, Washington, DC

The recent string of shootings of unarmed innocent citizens by poorly trained police with powerful Glock semi-automatics has raised alarm bells in the nations capitol. This is one place where "driving while black" is not just enforced by police, but is becoming more fatal. Check out the Washington Post for the long list of dead citizens. This department has even hired a significant number of criminals, with one officer having received his acceptance letter while serving time in jail. What next?


Pittsburgh Police Department, Pennsylvania

Just check out the Rivera show on TV, if you can get a copy of the rerun. Would a gentleman slam a innocent woman with children up against a car or wall? Perhaps a different kind of law has prevailed up to now in Pittsburgh. Well now the department is operating under Justice Department supervision. How about two killings that are highly irregular? Check out the Blue Knight Web Site by an anonymous Pittsburgh cop, if he is out of jail. Word is he got busted.


Philadelphia Police Department, Pennsylvania

Shall we start with the Erma Bostick case where a corrupt racist officer forced this woman to spend four years in prison for something she never did? How about the 2000 cases overturned because of a handful of corrupt racist officers in Philadelphia's north end, who committed false arrest, planting "evidence" and more. One person ended up on death row, framed by Philadelphia Police. Then there is the more recent scandals now emerging, well documented as well in the Philadelphia Inquirer. This may well be the worst police department in the USA, from what I read. A large number of personal friends have told me their stories about being arrested wrongfully and taken to the "roundhouse." Then the charges were dismissed. These friends are responsible professional people. The news continues to get worse as the city seems unable to clean up it's rogue cops. Recently a helicopter TV Camera caught the officers beating a suspect who had already been shoot four times. These people are clearly out of control and at least as dangerous as any street thug. Watch yourself in Philadelphia folks as the ghost of Frank Rizzo, infamous racist street cop and mayor, still stalks the streets. This week a report was issued that indicated 33% of police stops in non-minority areas were a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Old habits die hard, and this department has not lived up to the consent decree with The Justice Department.


Hartford Police, Connecticut

This department is now under investigation by a joint federal and state task force, for having sex with prostitutes, forcing them to pose nude for photographs, and then letting them go for the night. They are have brought a "Zippergate Scandal" right here to Hartford; they have not learned a thing from Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski! That is only the tip of the iceberg from my research. Recently a federal investigation was conducted for the wrongful arrest of a gang member for murder, with the "suspect" being held after the correct suspect was identified. This is another bunch of cops one is well advised to stay away from. Check out the old articles in the Hartford Courant about past incidents as well, such as Hartford officers charged with armed robbery and sexual assault. Some Hartford officers are currently under investigation for murder! Demand a state trooper in Hartford for your own safety. This month a former officer plead guilty to sexual assault for handcuffing a woman, taking her to a construction site, and raping her. There have been seven complaints of sexual assault against former and present Hartford Police officers Another officers was convicted on charges of filing a false report related to a chase into Bloomfield, where the suspect was brutally beaten on Bloomfield Police camera, after surrendering. Another officer was cleared for shooting a fourteen year old black male in the back. This was been a typical case of slow process if a cop is involved, with the cop getting off. Had a citizen pulled the trigger, an instant arrest would have been made. At this point seven former Hartford officers have been convicted of sexual offenses.


Things are so bad in Hartford that The Connecticut State Police have been brought in to help an incompetent, corrupt,  and impotent police force stop gang activity in the city. Had some cops not been in collusion with the gangbangers, perhaps things would not have gotten this out of hand.


Connecticut State Police


This department had seventeen of it’s officers busted last year and fired. Recently they wrongfully arrested an East Hartford man for driving under suspension, only to find he had a valid license. The man has charged racial profiling and false arrest. We have heard of the dropping of standards for new recruits and the results are starting to show. Troopers have complained directly to me about this issue! This agency is in decline and risks a repeat of the Peter Riley case where an innocent boy was framed for the murder of his mother and released on an overturn; DNA evidence has confirmed his innocence 25 years later.


New Haven Police, Connecticut

This department was recently ordered by a federal jury to pay two women $30,000 for false arrest. These two women were false arrested on the grounds of knowing a suspect. During the false arrest, the women were cuffed and thrown to the ground. The federal jury made it clear they would not tolerate "guilt by association." The department has made no comment or filed any appeals. In another case New Haven Police falsely arrested a man for murder, and paid over $1,000,000 in damages.


New Jersey State Police

Check out the charges of racial profiles used to select candidates for motor vehicle stops on The New Jersey Turnpike and Garden State Parkway. Recently a black state official was pulled over for no legitimate reason. Check out The New York Times and other news sources on this department. This department has been charged on many occasions with enforcing the "driving while black" standard, and should be avoided at all costs. Even troopers are now coming forward to speak up about the corruption. The New Jersey State Police has entered into a consent decree with the Justice Department, which should give you an idea they how guilty they are of civil rights violations. Recently damages of $13 million were paid to four black men pulled over and shot on The New Jersey Turnpike, with the trooper now facing attempted murder charges.


Chicago Police Department

This department recently charged two children, ages seven and ten with rape murders, even though a child this age can't produce semen! One of the most racist and corrupt departments this is another department right up there with Philadelphia and New Orleans. A check of their history reveals detectives using department vehicles to carry out armed robberies while on duty, in Hammond, Indiana, and within the city limits. In the Hammond robbery, these two detectives covered their activity by stopping an innocent bystander, planting a gun on this person, and falsely arresting them. Officer Becker made headlines by shooting an unarmed homeless man. Avoid this department by any means possible.


More cases of Chicago Police officers running drug and gun rings, committing false arrest, and beating up citizens are emerging since this page was written, including shooting an unarmed black female for having a cellular phone in her hand. No arrests of the police criminal to date. This department is clearly out of control, and any Chicago officer should be treated with extreme caution as armed and dangerous. This department might well be both the biggest group of criminals in Chicago, and the worst agency in the USA. Not much has changed since Richard Daley Sr.


Cincinnati Police, Ohio


This department has a long history of racial profiling, false arrests and murder. The most recent killing of another unarmed black man sparked several days of riots. The officer who killed this man is before a grand jury at this point, but watch for a whitewash somewhere in the “justice system.” This department is at least as dangerous as Pittsburgh. Many comments have reached me about how the tactics used by this department rival the SS and Gestapo, under Hitler.


DuPage County Sheriffs Office, Wheaton, Illinois

This department framed two innocent men for murder, with the help of the detectives "Dream Team." The principles on trial, "The Dupage Seven" got off due to typical Illinois corruption. These two innocent men were almost executed three times, lead by the zealous backing of James Martin, now Illinois Attorney General, then DuPage County States Attorney. The Sheriff or department has yet to own up and really apologize. These police criminals had their trial delayed due to adverse publicity when The Chicago Tribune ran a story on misconduct by prosecutors. It seems these guys can hand out something they can't swallow. These cops beat the charges but Illinois has stopped all executions due the many innocent people freed from Death Row, more than they executed. Justice in Illinois is a disgrace.


Fairfax County Police, Virginia

Read the story from The Washington Post on 8 November 1999 about the wrongful arrest by Detective Ricky Savage of an innocent man, whom he harassed for weeks before getting an arrest warrant charging the man as a sex pervert. A real investigation turned up the facts that the videotape was not reviewed, the victim was not properly interviewed, and that the innocent suspect was not present when the crime was taking place. After being jailed, his house searched, his computer and family photographs seized, and $35K in legal fees, the charges were dismissed. A civil suit is in the works against the Fairfax County Police, and Internal Affairs is investigating how this man came to be wrongfully charged in a warrant. All they will offer is an "apology" if they find the detective was wrong. In my view, too little, and too late. This department has a well deserved reputation as a goon squad so watch out for.


Manchester Police, Connecticut


Recently Manchester Police arrested an innocent man charging him with dragging one of their officers with a car. Due to the recent false arrest by East Hartford Police of another innocent man for bank robbery, and his release after spending eight weeks in jail after the news broke. Manchester Police rushed to find a judge to reduce the bail of this innocent man to avoid adverse publicity.


But this is small stuff compared to the ongoing scandal in the case of Richard LaPointe, a mentally retarded man framed for the murder of his grandmother. Growing evidence indicates this man is the most harmless and loving man, yet he sits in prison working on a new trial. Overzealous detectives worked him for many hours without legal counsel, food or water until they obtained a “confession.” Even the other inmates say he is innocent, as well as many prison staff, according to inside sources at The Connecticut Department of Correction.


We hear many other complaints of false arrest by Officer LeDuc and others. Sgt LeDuc was arrested by The Connecticut State Police in May for DUI after an accident on I-84.. He refused to take a blood alcohol or breath test, yet DMV refuses to revoke his drivers license. Sgt LeDuc refused to answer any questions and hired a lawyer to get him off. He is currently on administrative duty until his next hearing. The judge has given him one week to decide on a trial or plea bargain, after he requested several delays in the case. Looks like he might just be going down!


Stay away from this department!





East Hartford Police, Connecticut


Recently this department was forced to drop bank robbery charges against Mr. Michael Edmonston, for a wrongful arrest on the charges of bank robbery. The gun or stolen cash were never recovered, but on the basis of a very shaky witness identification, the man spent 8 weeks in prison until the charges were dropped. The East Hartford were even responsible for damages to Mr. Edmondson’s mothers car  in the impound lot, which was seized and towed with this wrongful arrest.  The police are back peddling and using doublespeak to explain the arrest and dropping of the false charges. The family plans to sue for wrongful arrest. There have been other scandals in this department including a male officer refusing a parents demand to stop communicating with a teenage female explorer, and the many issues surrounding the chief’s office. Once a very good department, as I can state from personal experience, this agency has hit the skids and should not be trusted.


Bloomfield Police, Connecticut

This department would be in the clown's gallery if their mistakes didn't impact on so many innocent people. I have received a large number of complaints about assaults and illegal search stops along the border with Hartford of minorities.

Their detective bureau is about 10 watts as well. Some time back during an EMT Refresher Course at the Bloomfield Police EMS building, someone ripped off a computer from the cop shop. Now they came looking to everyone at the course, forcing people to sign "voluntary consent forms" to search the homes and cars of everyone who took the class. The bottom line is the computer and printer were never recovered. Four members of the volunteer EMS unit quit because of the handling of investigation by the Gestapo. Worse yet, word "leaked" out that a certain someone was the prime suspect, etc. A U S Department of Justice complaint was filed, along with complaints top the Attorney General of Connecticut. Internal Affairs tried to handle the complaint, but everyone was reading copies of this Web Site, circulating in mass at the Bloomfield Police EMS unit. If you ever have to deal with this department, do not talk to Detective Mark Samsel, and his Latino female partner. I was in that class, and had to deal with these two cops. As an aside, the stuff that was stolen was OLD and inferior. I read a copy of the search papers, then ran the serial numbers. Someone did them a favor taking out the trash for them. As a result, the cop shop is now protected with real locks, cameras, and alarms. The former swiss cheese security system is history. No apologies from Bloomfield Police about their misconduct either. Don't hold your breath waiting either.....


Bristol Police, Bristol CT


A Hartford judge recently dismissed charges against Mr. Quincy Smith, falsely arrested on motor vehicle charges including evading responsibility. Mr. Smith was arrested even though he has no drivers license, has no car, has no record and the physical description of the suspect didn’t even come close. The department ignored the other Mr. Smith when told the facts and  the innocent Mr. Smith contacted police to clear up the mess!  In spite of these facts the department fought relentlessly to gain a conviction. These folks are inept and lack respect for basic human rights. We hear a lawsuit is in the works.

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